Smart Trader Swing and Positional Programme

Asset Class

Why Swing & Positional Trading

  • More Homework, Less Action
  • Flexibility to change direction and pick stocks
  • Part Time Income for working professionals – Swing Trading is ideally set-up to manage multiple responsibilities

Why Swing & Positional Trading with FinLearn

  • KAPIL SHAH is a Technical Analyst, Kapil has successfully combined his skills in designing and delivering Investing & Trading courses across delivery platforms. A resident Technical Analyst at Emkay Global, he divides his time, conducting online courses at the FinLearn Academy and advising clients.
  • Trade with proprietor tool: EmTrade Pro
  • Engagement structure designed to continuously communicate with students
  • Actionable trading in the live market
  • Platform access to develop market strategies

Who will benefit from this programme

  • Professionals aiming to generate additional income
  • Seasoned market participants looking to develop a specific trading style

Subscription validity of 3 months

  • Trading & Charting Platform – EmTrade
  • Course material & theory classes
  • Live Trading Labs
  • Weekly Webinars
  • Sunday Webinar Series

Features of the Programme

  • Learning through Case Studies -Historical and forward looking cases
  • Practical application of technical concepts on a real-time basis
  • Chart set-up demonstrations through 2 to 3 minute videos
  • Weekly update on broader market outlook

Content of the Programme

  • In-depth Analysis with Price Action
  • Charts Pattern
  • Integration of various technical tools
  • Strength Analysis
  • Momentum Trading
  • Sector Rotation Analysis
  • Position Sizing
  • Risk Management

Price: Rs. 15000 All Inclusive

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