Intraday + Options Writing

Intraday + Options Writing

Combo Course

Intraday strategies I Technicals & Options

Learn the basics of charting tools and strategies and execute using Options

  • Build your knowledge of the trading world by learning the foundation and basics of chart patterns.
  • Go through the basics of trading and learn key price action concepts to make successful day trading calls.
  • Your trading style defines you, it’s the first step towards a successful trading journey. Select the style that suits you the most.
  • Intraday Trading is primarily done on 5-15 min time-frame candles, with specific strategies helping enter and exit trades quickly.
  • Options writing include receiving an immediate premium, keeping the premium if the option expires worthless, and flexibility.
  • Trading is all about execution, Options Trading & Writing allows you to use small amounts to extract great returns from the market (if done in a risk-averse manner)
  • Designed in a way to include a greater % of retail traders, Options Trading can be both very rewarding and cruel, at the same time
  • Take direction using Technical Analysis and execute using the world of Options

Program Highlights

    • One-on-one instructor support
    • 1 year subscription period
    • Live market webinars
    • Self-Assessment Tests to build confidence
    • Real-time setups and case studies
    • Downloadable resources
    • Access to our exclusive community
    • EmTrade Pro Access

Program Content

Intraday trading with EmTrade pro

Visit the program
  • • Learn the psychology of price spikes
  • • Analyze Technical charts effectively
  • • Learn profitable Day Trading strategies
  • • Build Strong foundation for stocks/options/forex & Crypto

Options Trading and Writing

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  • • Get a thorough understanding of Options
  • • Learn the factors that affect Options pricing
  • • Learn the differences between buying and selling Options
  • • Learn the most important rules for making profitable decisions

Live Webinars

Live Sessions Day Time
Intraday Trading Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9 AM- 10 AM
Options Trading Tuesday 4 PM- 5 PM
EmTrade Platform Saturday 10 AM- 12 PM
Exclusive Live Webinars Sunday 11 AM- 12 PM

Available Programs

The below mentioned program packages are for 1 year subscription period.

Intraday + Options Writing



  • 67 Videos- 10 hours
  • 6 Live Market Webinars
  • Real-Time Casestudies

Intraday Trading with EmTrade Pro


  • 31 Videos- 5 hours
  • 8 Real-Time casestudies
  • 3 Live Market Webinars

Options Trading & Writing


  • 36 Videos-5 hours
  • 3 Live Market Webinars

Frequently asked questions

You will be able to access the sessions through our Learning Management System (LMS), login details for your id will be emailed post payment. You can access it through the Login Button on the top right hand corner.

Yes! Once you have registered, our customer service executive will touch base with you to take you through the sessions. In case you’re unable to attend, you can highlight the same and our executive will organise additional sessions for you.

We try to maintain a quorum of 20-25 attendees for each session, to ensure there is a healthy discussion, while you’re able to ask your questions.

Yes! Recordings will be made available on our LMS for a period of 1 month post your subscription period.

Yes! We use GotoWebinar, which allows you to ask questions & interact with our instructors in real-time.

It is up to you. Our customer service executive will touch base with you, and in case you wish to consume some content prior, you can highlight the same and they will help you out.

No! In case you subscribe to the course, you will be given study material.

No! Any trading software can be used to follow the sessions. In terms of Price Action, no specialised software is required. With respect to Intraday Trading, we have developed some bespoke strategies that can be followed using Moving Average modules.

No! In case you subscribe to the sessions, you will be given access to the software.

Just the difference. We think you will enjoy the sessions, so just pay the difference and get going!

Yes! We have created a community of traders, with the objective to guide you through your trading day. Our instructors are on-hand with analysis, charts & more. These communities are present over Whatsapp, Discord & Telegram and you can join based on your preference.

Yes! We have created multiple quizzes, you can get a preview through the Quizzes tab. We try to release a couple of quizzes every week, and include trades that you can possibly track.

Yes! Once you have registered for a course, our customer service executive will touch base with you, and will be in touch with you for the duration of your subscription with us. In case you have any queries / want to amend your subscription period, you can discuss the same with our executive and will help you.

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