Index Trading Programme: Beginner to Advanced

Index Trading Programme: Beginner to Advanced

Learn the basics and build a strong technical analysis & options trading foundation for successful Index Trading

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  • Build your knowledge base by learning the basics of trading and investing
  • Start from the basics, getting an in-depth understanding of key Price Action concepts & bespoke Technical Analysis tools like Moving Averages, Fibonacci & Bollinger Bands
  • Round it up with detailed sessions on Options Trading, including Greeks, Theta, Gamma & popular strategies
  • Liquidity in trading is key - you don’t want to be stuck in positions you can’t exit— learn to take trades in the most liquid names, across Nifty50 & Bank Nifty, our headline Indices
  • Directional & Non-Directional Trading through bespoke Options trading strategies, are thoroughly executed across Nifty50 & Bank Nifty - learn the process
  • Options are tricky, yet the rewards are disproportionately in your favour if executed conscientiously
  • Use Price Action & Technical Analysis tools to shortlist scripts across sectors, MCAPs & indices
  • Your trades are only as good as your execution skills - get that combination right

Program Highlights

  • Includes Swines & Positional Trading
  • F&0 sti ntegies and intrad ay ti ading
  • 140 hours online programme
    Access to inteiactive and recorded session
  • Industry experienced mentors
    3oint Certificate by NSE Academy & FinLearn Academy in Digital format

Program Content

Core Technical Analysis

Day 1. Premises of Technical Analysis 3 Dimensional Chart Basics
Basics of Candle - Construction, Component and its Implication
Day 2. Support and Resistance - Price Action
Trendline - Valid and Invalid Formation
Horizontal Line - Trading and Investment Set up
Role Reversal - Aplication of Retracement Trading
Real Time Case Studies
Day 3. Support Band and Resistance Band
Bull Trap and Bear Trap - Potential Identification of Traps, Managing the Traps and Trap Trade Set ups
Real Time Case Studies
Day 4. Foundation of Trend, Impulse and Corrective Moves, Trend Trading
Change in Trend - Bullish and Bearish Continuation and Reversal in Trend
Day 5. Stages of Trend - Accumulation, Rise, Distribution and Fall
All Things Together

Core Derivatives

Day 1. Introduction to Derivatives
Comparison of Spot and Derivatives
Core concept of Options
Options mechanism
Day 2. Rights and Obligation
Buying and Writing Options

Use of options by professionals
What is Hedging?
Option Terminology

Day 3. Introduction to option chain
Option Moneyness
Intrinsic Extrinsic Value
Risks Greeks of the options
Introduction to Greeks
Day 4. Theta
Black Scholes Calculator
Delta Moneyness
Delta Add Up
Implied Volatility
Day 5. India Vix
Open Interest
Understand trend with option chain
Open Interest Interpretation
Put Call Ratio

CSwing - Technical Tools

Day 1. Bullish and Bearish Reversal Candle Pattern Analysis
Day 2. Fibonacci Retracement and Extension
Day 3. Moving Average Ribbon
Day 4. Top down Approach and Multiple Time Frame Analysis
Day 5. Stock Selection process with chartlink/screener.in


Day 2. Bollinger Band
Day 3. Ichimoku Cloud
Day 4. DEMA and Guppy Moving Average
Day 5. Matrix Series and Virtual Trading

Derivative Strategies

Day 1. Single Leg Strategy
Long Call Strategy
Long Put Strategy
Day 2. Two Leg Strategy
Long Straddle Strategy
Short Straddle Strategy
Long Strangle Strategy
Short Strangle Strategy
Day 3. Bull Call Spread Strategy
Bear Call Spread Strategy
Cover Call Strategy
Hedging Strategy
Bull Put Spread Strategy
Bear Put Spread Strategy
Day 4. Multi Leg Strategy
Long Call Butterfly Strategy
Condor Strategy
Day 5. All thing together + real time case studies


Day 1. Live Mentoring Intraday Trading Session
Day 2. Live Mentoring Intraday Trading Session
Day 3. Live Mentoring Intraday Trading Session


Day 1. Live Mentoring Intraday Trading Session
Day 2. Live Mentoring Intraday Trading Session
Day 3. Live Mentoring Intraday Trading Session


Day 1. Live Mentoring Intraday Trading Session
Day 2. Live Mentoring Intraday Trading Session
Day 3. Live Mentoring Intraday Trading Session

Program Schedule

Course NameStart DateEnd DateTrainer Name
Introduction To Price Action2022-05-312022-06-13Kapil Shah
Intermediate Study Of Technical Analysis2022-06-142022-06-27Kapil Shah
Advanced Technical Analysis2022-06-282022-07-04Pratik Sawant
Decoding Options & Its Strategies2022-07-052022-07-11Sharad Prabhu
Decoding Options & Its Strategies2022-07-122022-07-18Sharad Prabhu

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Index Trading Programme: Beginner to Advanced

Live + Recorded

35,400 (all inclusive)


An industry veteran with over two and half decades of experience, Hitesh has had a successful career as a Technical Analyst & Market Strategist across top tier firms, across Retail and institutional broking, including Citi Investment Research & Global Markets, Centrum Broking, ShareKhan and Motilal Oswal. Having developed in-depth product expertise, Hitesh has effectively developed courses in the domain of Trading & Investing across multiple delivery platforms. He is the Head of Education at FinLearn Academy since inception.
Hitesh Chotalia Founder

Course Requirements

  • This course is designed for beginners of the stock market as well as the people who wish to master their strategies.

Why should you take this course?

  • You gotta beat Inflation right? Fixed Deposits & Debt Products are currently giving sub-6% returns
  • Index have given 105% to 118% returns respectively in the last 5 years; Don’t you want to partake in that journey?

Start your journey today and generate passive income on a daily basis.

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What our grads say about this course

What our grads have to say about us!

In today’s session, I’ve learned how to trade band Bollinger squeeze break out and I captured almost 70 points in Mindtree. thank to Prateek sir & the FinLearn team

The most important approach we’ve learned at FinLearn Academy: Top down approach
1. Watch Global markets
2. Watch SGX nifty
3. Watch sector index and study those chart

Jab Nifty isse upar trade Kar ratha to maine ye point se market ka fall calculation kiya tha. Aur fir Nifty 15828.5 se 15721.5 per close hua. Means 107 points points ki fall. Maine iss formula ko FinLearn se sikha hai or fir khud ki ek formula build kiya hai. Accha profit book hua mujhe. Thanks to FinLearn Academy.

Thanks to FinLearn Academy as well as all the mentors for the assessment. It is helping to boost my confidence.

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