Intermediate Study of Technical Analysis (Equity)

Equity | Technicals

Intermediate Study of Technical Analysis (Equity)

  • A comprehensive and detailed course on technical analysis.
  • Understand the advanced techniques for analysing market trends, volatility, momentum & volume.
  • 50+ hours of live interactive sessions & various recorded videos with real-market scenarios and various case studies.
  • Complete access to our exclusive trading software with the addition to the Finlearn community and dedicated mentorship from the course instructors.

Created by FinLearn Academy

English and Hindi Last Updated 25-02-2021

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Equity | Technicals

Intermediate Study of Technical Analysis (Equity)

  • A comprehensive course on trading in NIfty50 & Bank Nifty taking directional and non-directional trades.
  • Learn to identify the trend and take the stock calls on the basis of technical analysis and advanced strategies.
  • 100+ Live interactive sessions & recorded videos with real-market scenarios and various case studies.
  • Complete access to our exclusive trading software with the addition to the Finlearn community and live market mentorship for 6 months

Created by FinLearn Academy

English and Hindi
Last Updated 25-02-2021

35,400 /- (All Inclusive)


Technical Analysis is a way of identifying trading opportunities by analysing statistical trends from trading activity, such as price data, volume, and other such parameters. Technical Analysis can be used on any underlying security, with price history. The idea of this course is to provide you with a detailed understanding of technical analysis and combine that with application-based webinars so that you’re able to successfully apply the knowledge gained under live market environments.

What will you learn?

  • Master technical analysis indicators, oscillators, chart patterns & candlestick patterns with real-world examples.
  • How to build a strong technical analysis foundation for stock, options, forex & crypto trading.
  • How to Trade Double Top + Double Bottom
  • How to Trade Single Candlestick Patterns
  • How to Read Stock Charts Effectively to Identify Market Trends
  • How to Trade Fibonacci & Fibonacci Extensions
  • How to Trade Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
  • Dedicated Support from the Course Instructors and the Learning Community. 100% Questions Answered Within 24 Hours!
  • And many more..


  • You will gain a deeper understanding of technical analysis and its advanced techniques to make profitable decisions.
  • You will be able to successfully apply technical indicators on a charting & trading platform.
  • You’ll be able to identify technical patterns, technical charts, trends, signals, and indicators that drive the behavior of price.
  • You’ll get practical knowledge of the market through our interactive live sessions and various recorded videos.
  • You’ll get a certificate of completion.


No requirements, as this course is taught from the basics

  1. 1.1Types of charts and time frame: Line Chart – Bar Chart & Candle Chart
  2. 1.2 Styles Of Trading –High Frequency Trading, Day Trading, Swing Trading
  3. 1.3Basics of candlestick charts: Candle Construction: Shape and Size
  4. 1.4Single Candle Formation: Bullish & Bearish Single Candle Formation
  5. 1.5Price Action: Horizontal line, Trend Line, Role Reversal, Bull & Bear Trap
  6. 1.6Support and Resistance Band: Where To Buy And Where To Sell
  7. 1.7Support and Resistance Band with multiple time frame: Cluster Support and Resistance Ban Study
  8. 1.8Trends: Uptrend: Identifying sequence of higher lows and higher highs
  9. 1.9Trends: Downtrend: Identifying sequence of lower highs and lower lows
  10. 1.10Trend: Sideways: Prices trading within defined high and low
  1. 2.1Trends and Corrective price action: Primary and secondary price movement
  2. 2.2Trends and Impulse price action: Dominant price direction
  3. 2.3Anticipatory trend analysis: Reversals based on higher time frame trend analysis
  4. 2.4Fibonacci Studies: Retracement and Extention: Measuring techniques for trade decision
  5. 2.5Trend and Location: Where to initiate trades both long and short and profit taking
  6. 2.6Moving Averages: Construction and Interpretation
  7. 2.7Double Moving average and Multiple Moving average: Measure of momentum
  8. 2.8Bollinger Bands and band trading system: Overbought –oversold and trend identification
  9. 2.9Trends and multiple time frame analysis: Knowing the big picture
  10. 2.10Understanding Indicators RSI, Stochastic and MACD: Overbought –oversold-entry –exit
  1. 3.1Advanced candle Stick –Double and Triple Candle Formation
  2. 3.2Platform Immersion: EmTrade
  3. 3.3EM ProTrade: Proprietary Trading System
  4. 3.4Trend Trading System Combining price action – moving average and RSI
  5. 3.5Moving average trading system: Crossover of multiple moving average for trade initiation and average band study for overbought and oversold readings
  6. 3.6Advanced Moving average trading system
  7. 3.7High frequency trading with Moving averages an EM ProTrade Indicator 5 mma
  8. 3.8Day trading with Moving averages an EM ProTrade Indicator
  9. 3.9Swing Trading with Moving averages an EM ProTrade Indicator
  10. 3.10Multiple Time Frame Analysis with EM ProTrade Indicator
In our endeavour to ensure that your learning is as application-focused as possible, we have designed a variety of live market webinars to bridge the gap from the textbook and build your confidence to independently take trades.

Via the following webinars, we aim to build your knowledge for a range of scenarios -

Conducted every Friday, this series is designed to ensure you’re able to apply theoretical concepts successfully. These sessions are used to solve doubts, case studies and fine-tune your learnings, with focus on Nifty / Bank Nifty
Given the global nature of Nifty / Bank Nifty, taking direction and analysing the major global indices is key for a trader. These sessions are conducted once every two weeks, allowing you to take direction and prepare for the coming week.

conducted on Tuesdays & Thursdays, as the name suggests, it’s all about hand-holding and ensuring you’re best prepared to trade independently.

Topics covered include-

  • Current Market Analysis of Nifty, Nifty Bank, Stock – Future & Options
  • Real-life example of a script showing
  • Where to Buy. Where to Go Short
  • How to set target & stop loss
  • Trade Plan
  • Option Strategies
  • Understating The Risk
  • Combining Technical & Options for trade setup

Trading & Analytics Platform

As a part of the course, and in order to aid your learning experience, we have developed a
comprehensive Trading & Analytics platform, EmTrade. This platform is provided as part of the course.

Some key features include :

  • Intraday Strategies
  • Swing/ Positional Strategies
  • Real-Time Data
  • Extensive Oscillators Library
  • Options Strategies
  • Extensive Company Financials
  • Global Indices

You can click on the link below to preview the platform and explore some of the features.


A reputed professional, Kapil has amassed a decade's experience across multiple roles in Sell-Side firms including ICICI Securities, ShareKhan, IDBI Capital and Choice Broking. A highly sought after Technical Analyst, Kapil has successfully combined his skills in designing and delivering Investing & Trading courses across delivery platforms. A resident Technical Analyst at Emkay Global, Kapil divides his time, conducting online courses at the FinLearn Academy and advising clients.


– create test for student to test knowledge

Post Completion of course, what should I do next?

Practice is key in building your confidence, and for that the following will be beneficial

  1. Practice Concepts in Live Market Environments through webinar series (mentioned above)
  2. Identify your preferred trading style by attending the webinar series and / or deciding
    time commitmentyou’re ready to make towards trading (in a week)
  3. Take paper trades to test knowledge and clarify doubts; run them by our instructors to fine tune yourthought process, under our Live Trading Labs Webinar series
  4. Leverage the power of technology and increase your familiarity to a Trading &
    Analytics platform
  5. Once you have a level of confidence and familiarity, as a next step you should open a demat
    & trading account, apply the knowledge learned and most importantly,make money $$

Trading Partner

You can open a Demat & trading account with our Trading Partner, Emkay Global Financial Services.


Ans. This Course have both Live interactive sessions & Recorded videos

Ans. No pre-requirements, as the course has been designed to develop your knowledge from scratch.

25,000 /- (All Inclusive)

In a Nutshell

  • Number of Hours:- 50 Hours Live Delivery
  • Number of Hours of effort needed:- 70 hours of effort needed
  • Study Material that is shared- description:- PDF on Concepts Discussed
  • Tests that are provided:- Self Assessment Tests
  • Certification: – Certification Test
  • Case Studies:- Real Time Stock Set-Ups
  • Duration Access:- 1 Year
  • Live Market Webinar Access:- * (’16 hours Per Month)
  • EmTrade Access:- 6 Months (provide link for download)
  • Access to WhatsApp & Telegram Channels
  • Access to weekly Market Analysis – Nifty50 & Bank Nifty

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