Swing Trading with Price Action & Harmonic Trading Principles

Swing Trading with Price Action & Harmonic Trading Principles

Learn the basics, develop in-depth understanding of Price Action & Harmonic Trading and master the world of Swing Trading

₹ 15,000 /- (All Inclusive)

  • Build your knowledge base by getting an introduction to the world of trading & investing
  • Go through the basics of Trading & learn key Price Action concepts like Support & Resistance, Trendlines, Consolidation & Breakout and more
  • Learn key technical analysis concepts like Moving Averages, Fibonacci Retracement
  • Learn Key Harmonic Trading Principles like PRZ Confirmation, Fibonacci Numbers, Retracement, Potential Reversal Zone and more
  • Technical Analysis is all about confirmations, across different time periods and through multiple tools
  • Learn to utilise Price Action Tools like Support / Resistance, Consolidation & Breakout, with Harmonic Trading Patterns to arrive at safe & sturdy set-ups
  • Learn the art of Swing Trading, by applying the key principles of Price Action & Harmonic Trading
  • Arrive at set-ups that can be tracked over a 1 week / 3 week time period, allowing you to manage your time effectively
  • Devote limited time to track positions, through solid price point analysis

Program Highlights

  • One-on-one instructor support
  • 3 month subscription period
  • Live webinars
  • Self-Assessment Tests to build confidence
  • Real-time setups and case studies
  • Downloadable resources
  • Access to our exclusive community
  • EmTrade Pro Access

Program Content

Introduction to Technical Analysis & Price Action

  • 1. Premises of Technical Analysis
  • 2. Basics of Charts
    • a. Line Chart
    • b. Bar Chart
    • c. Candlestick Chart
    • d. Intraday chart/ EOD Chart
    • e. Log/Linear Scale
  • 3. Basics of Candlesticks
    • a. Construction of Candle
    • b. Components of Candle
    • c. Implication of Components
  • 4. Trading Style
    • a. Cash Flow
    • b. Wealth Creation
  • 5. Support & Resistance
    • a. Support Band/ Resistance Band
    • b. Horizontal Line/ Trend line
    • c. Role Reversal
    • d. Bull Trap/Bear Trap
  • 6. Trend
    • a. Category of Trend
    • b. Stages of Trend
    • c. Identification of beginning and ending of trend (HH/HL, LH/LL)
    • d. Impulse Move/Corrective Move
  • 7. Trade Location
  • 8. Fibonacci
    • a. Fibonacci Retracement/Extension
    • b. Fibonacci Location
  • 9. Average True Range
  • 10. Candlestick Pattern
    • a. 5 Bullish Reversal Candle
    • b. 5 Bearish Reversal Candle
  • 11. Multiple Time Frame
  • 12. Top Down Approach
  • 13. Moving Average
    • a. MA as support & Resistance
    • b. MA as Trend Identification
    • c. MA Crossover
    • d. Multiple Moving Average System
  • 14. Oscillator RSI
    • a. Overbought/ Oversold
    • b. Positive Divergence/Negative Divergence
  • 15. Oscillator MACD

Harmonic Trading Principles

  • 1. Introduction to Harmonic Trading
  • 2. Fibonacci Numbers
    • a. Primary Number (Harmonic Number)
    • b. Secondary Number
  • 3. Fibonacci Retracement
  • 4. Fibonacci Projection
  • 5. Fibonacci Extension
  • 6 Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ)
  • 7. Patterns
    • a. Bullish and bearish AB = CD
    • b. Bullish and Bearish Gartley
    • c. Bullish and Bearish Butterfly
    • d. Bullish and bearish Bat
    • e. Bullish and bearish Crab
    • f. Bullish and bearish Reciprocal AB = CD
  • 8. PRZ Confirmation (Entry)
  • 9. Placing Targets and Stop Loss

Live Webinars

Price Action & Technical Analysis Monday / Thursday 4 pm – 5 pm
Harmonic Trading Saturday / Sunday 11 am – 1 pm


Rohan Shah

Rohan is an experienced Technical Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the capital markets industry. Skilled in Equity Research, Portfolio Management, Investment Banking, Technical Analysis, and Equities. He is the author of “Trading Harmonic Patterns with Technical Analysis” in which he explains how anyone can easily identify and trade in popular Harmonic Patterns.

Kapil Shah

A reputed professional, Kapil has amassed a decade’s experience across multiple roles in Sell-Side firms including ICICI Securities, ShareKhan, IDBI Capital and Choice Broking. A highly sought after Technical Analyst, Kapil has successfully combined his skills in designing and delivering Investing & Trading courses across delivery platforms. A resident Technical Analyst at Emkay Global, Kapil divides his time, conducting online courses at the FinLearn Academy and advising clients.

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