Minimize Speculation. Maximize Confidence.

EmTrade Pro is a comprehensive charting, technical & fundamental analysis, and trading platform, built with all the tools you need to plan your trades with more efficiency and precision.

Smart Charts to level up your technical analysis game

EmTrade Pro is designed with all the tools, indicators, oscillators, and features that will help you build in-depth market analysis with real-time data and deepen your technical study. You can leverage the robust charting system built with a wide range of pre-built studies, and multiple intelligent drawing tools with 100% accurate results.

  • Real-time data for Stocks, Futures, Options, and Currencies, with no lag in the charts.
  • 100+ prebuilt indicators & oscillators
  • 100 days backdated Intraday history
  • Customizable strategies; momentum, retracement, and overbought and oversold.
  • Extensive drawing tools
  • Multi-timeframe analysis
  • Options Calculator
  • Measurement of the volatility of the market
  • Real-Time Open Interest Chain

Algorithmically strong pre-built automated strategies to reduce your grunt work

EmTrade Pro is built with comprehensive and fully automated technical analysis strategies to reduce your grunt work and save time spotting the patterns with ease and more accuracy so that you focus only on your analysis. The feature is exclusively designed to automate complex and quantitative trading strategies.

  • Automatic support and resistance strategy tool
  • High Open Interest built up tool Auto Plot on Charts
  • More reliable and consistent for your analysis
  • Reduce emotional influence and human errors

Find scoring chart patterns and create custom watchlists with Market Scanner

Define your technical conditions, or chose in-built strategies to create dynamic stock watchlists using a live-market scanner- confirm if it is applicable for all the markets. The scanner will help you instantly search the entire market across multiple timeframes based on your technical conditions so that you never miss out on any ideal opportunity.

  • Conditional scanners
  • Autosave of market watch
  • NSE listing of stock 5000/ Nse Future 147 Active Contract BSE Listing of stock: 25000
  • Global Indices Data (End Of the data)
  • Unmissable alerts on your watchlist

Comprehensive Fundamental Analysis and live-market news

Mix your technical analysis with fundamental analysis of the asset and live market news updates to strengthen your decisions. You can get the details of corporate events and actions like financial reports, earnings releases, dividends splits, and many other things for your complete fundamental analysis.

  • 100+ fundamental fields and ratios
  • Financial statements
  • Valuation analysis
  • Historical data you can apply right on the chart
  • Live-market news updates

Order placement with a single click

Timing plays a vital role in a trader’s life as any minor delay can cost a huge opportunity. EmTrade provides a built-in order placement feature where you can buy and sell your orders with a single click and enter the trade at the ideal time.

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