Intermediate Study Of Technical Analysis

Asset Class

Who will benefit

  • Fresh market participants looking to develop a complete understanding of Technical Analysis
  • Seasoned market participants looking to re-skill and leverage technology in execution

Programme Highlights

  • Course designed by a team with over 30 years of market experience
  • 100% focus on practical learning
  • Seamless online learning experience
  • Access to proprietary Tool: EM Trade Pro
  • Live Market Learning
  • Study Material Provided

Subscription validity of 1 year

  • Trading & Charting Platform – EmTrade
  • Course material & theory classes
  • Live Trading Labs
  • Weekly Webinars
  • Sunday Webinar Series

Programme Outline

  • Types of charts and time frame: Line Chart – Bar Chart & Candle Chart
  • Styles Of Trading –High Frequency Trading, Day Trading, Swing Trading
  • Basics of candle stick charts: Candle Construction: Shape and Size
  • Single Candle Formation: Bullish & Bearish Single Candle Formation
  • Support and Resistance Band: Where To Buy And Where To Sell
  • Support and Resistance Band with multiple time frame: Cluster Support and Resistance Ban Study
  • Trends: Uptrend: Identifying sequence of higher lows and higher highs
  • Trends: Downtrend: Identifying sequence of lower highs and lower lows
  • Trend: Sideways: Prices trading within defined high and low
  • Trends and Corrective price action: Primary and secondary price movement
  • Trends and Impulse price action: Dominant price direction
  • Anticipatory trend analysis: Reversals based on higher time frame trend analysis
  • Fibonacci Studies: Retracement and Extention: Measuring techniques for trade decision
  • Trend and Location: Where to initiate trades both long and short and profit taking
  • Moving Averages: Construction and Interpretation
  • Double Moving average and Multiple Moving average: Measure of momentum
  • Bollinger Bands and band trading system: Overbought –oversold and trend identification
  • Trends and multiple time frame analysis: Knowing the big picture
  • Understanding Indicators RSI, Stochastic and MACD: Overbought –oversold-entry –exit
  • Advanced candle Stick –Double and Triple Candle Formation
  • Platform Immersion: EmTrade
  • EM ProTrade: Proprietary Trading System
  • Trend Trading System Combining price action – moving average and RSI
  • Moving average trading system: Crossover of multiple moving average for trade initiation and average band study for overbought and oversold readings
  • Advanced Moving average trading system
  • High frequency trading with Moving averages an EM ProTrade Indicator & 5 mma
  • Day trading with Moving averages an EM ProTrade Indicator
  • Swing Trading with Moving averages an EM ProTrade Indicator
  • Multiple Time Frame Analysis with EM ProTrade Indicator

Price: Rs. 25,000 All Inclusive

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