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Trading psychology workshop is a classroom program. It is a practical and interactive program designed for traders, assisting them to improve their trading results, develop decision making skills and stay disciplined. Traders get to learn practical techniques for trading performance improvement and to take their trading experience to the next level.

Spread over a day, the workshop gives particular attention to in-depth learning through a mix of classroom presentations, audio visual inputs and practical exercises.
Emotionless Trading
Adopt systematized trading approach, continuous learning and evaluation.
Mental Toughness
Highs and lows are a part of trading. Learn to handle wins as well as losses.
Perfectionist Approach
Eliminate perfectionist expectations at the start of your trading day.
Learn to overcome Anchoring bias and Confirmation bias.
Trading Business Plan
Learn to plan and manage your trade and yourself financially.
Management – Fatigue and Energy
Physical and mental fatigue has a significant impact on financial decision making. Adopt a practical approach to manage the same.
Mind Fitness
Specific mind training techniques that have a strong impact on attention, self-control, decision making and regulation of emotions.
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