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18 Oct 17
Vol. 1, Issue 1
Introducing the Daily KST
By : Martin Pring
At any given point in time price is determined by the interaction of a number of different time cycles. A momentum indicator that`s constructed from only one time span, such as a 14-day relative strength index (RSI) or a 10-day rate of change (ROC) only reflect the cycles that are close to the defined parameter. The KST indicator was intentionally created using several time cycles that build a broader visual picture of the market. By including moving averages in the formula, you get an oscillator that is smooth, does not usually turn prematurely, and reflects the underlying cyclical waves.Chart 1 ...
It is your Fault…
By : Sinan Koray
Sinan Koray is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and trading coach who is reshaping trading psychology and transforming the lives of tens of thousands around the world. As a retired engineer, professional trader and trading coach, he is considered a leading expert on emotional control and mind mastery. He actively trades Foreign Exchange and Equity Index Futures since 2003. Sinan has addressed audiences in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Middle East, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and USA. Over the last twenty years Sinan Koray has captured the attention of tens of thousands of people from ...
GOLD an ounce 1450 or 1035/oz!
By : Larry Pesavento
55 years of experience in trading has been a journey that I have been blessed to take with my many friends and mentors. Over the years, especially the last 35 years I have focused on pattern recognition. Pattern recognition encompasses the various patterns that people are familiar with such as double bottoms double tops and shoulders patterns, pennants and flags. However the patterns that I use are from the works of HM Gartley from his famous book "profits in the stock market" which was published in 1937. This book was basically unavailable due to its prohibitive cost of $1500 until the mid-80s when i...
Introducing Option Strategies in Trading portfolio in range bound markets
By : Priya Bajaj
After an extended Bull run and recent correction in the markets, we are witnessing a phase of consolidation. Traders are generally skeptical while trading a range bound market specially for position trading. there are 2 kind of traders in the market trend traders and range traders. For the trend trader range bound market is a pain but for the non directional range trader range bound market is a paradise. Trend traders can be day traders or positional traders, whereas in range bound markets though it impacts little to day trader but taking leveraged positions in traditional asset classes like stocks or f...
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