Smart Trader Commodity & Currency Programme old

Programme Highlights

  • Exclusive for Commodity & Currency Markets
  • F&O and Intraday Trading
  • 100+ online training hours
  • Access to interactive & recorded sessions
  • Industry Experienced Mentors
  • Joint Certificate by NSE Academy & FinLearn Academy to successful candidate


  • Fresh market participants looking to develop a complete understanding of Commodity & Currency Markets
  • Seasoned market participants looking to re-skill and leverage technology in execution
  • Export / Import oriented corporates looking to hedge their positions
  • Commodity Manufactures

Pre Recorded Session

Introduction to Currency Markets

  • What is Currency Trading?
  • Major Currency Pairs
  • Overview of International Currency Markets
  • Impact of Economic Factors on Currency Prices
  • Economic Indicators
  • Key Market Participants


  • History of Commodity Trading
  • Spot and Derivatives Trading in Commodities
  • Major Commodities Traded in Derivatives
  • Exchanges in India
  • Key Market Participants

Factors Impacting Commodity Prices

Overview of Derivatives

Key Economic Function of Derivatives

Exchange Traded V/s OTC Market Futures and Forwards Contract

  • Limitations in Forwards, Need of Futures
  • Terminology
  • Discovery of Future Prices across Asset Classes
  • Contract Specifications
  • Payoff Table and Graph


Wednesday & Thursday
2.00 Pm to 3.00 Pm

Programme Outline

Technical Analysis

  • What is Technical Analysis?
  • The Basis of Technical Analysis
  • Difference between Technical vs Fundamental Analysis
  • Dow Theory
  • Trends

Type of Charts

  • Line Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Candlestick Chart

Trend lines

  • What is the Purpose of Drawing Trend Lines?
  • How to Plot Trend Lines?

Support & Resistance

  • What is Support?
  • What is Resistance?
  • Change of Support to Resistance and Vice-versa


  • Impulse Move & Corrective Move
  • Four Stages: Accumulation, Mark-up, Distribution and Markdown
  • Higher High/Higher Low – Lower High/ Lower Low

Candle Pattern

  • 5 Bullish Reversal Candles
  • 5 Bearish Reversal Candles

Chart Patterns and their Study

  • Chart Patterns:
  • Head & Shoulder and Inverted
  • Double & Triple Top / Bottom
  • Symmetrical, Ascending, Descending Triangles
  • Cup & Handle

Moving averages

  • Simple Moving Average (SMA)
  • Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
  • How to Trade on Moving Averages?


  • What is the MACD and How is it Calculated?
  • How to Trade on MACD?


  • What is Momentum?
  • Calculation of the RSI
  • Divergence
  • How to Trade on RSI?

Other Technical Tools

  • Super trend
  • Average True Range
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Fibonacci Sequence
  • Trading Psychology and How to Manage the Risk
  • Platform Immersion: EmTrade
  • EM ProTrade: Proprietary Trading System
  • Trend Trading System Combining Price Action – Moving Average and RSI
  • Moving Average Trading System: Crossover of Multiple Moving Average for Trade Initiation and Average Band Study for Overbought and Oversold Readings
  • Advanced Moving Average Trading System
  • High Frequency Trading with Moving Averages – an EM ProTrade & 5 mma Indicator
  • Day Trading with Moving Averages- an EM ProTrade Indicator
  • Swing Trading with Moving Averages – an EM ProTrade Indicator
  • Multiple Time Frame Analysis with EM ProTrade Indicator

Basics of Options

  • Call and Put Type of Options
  • Differences between Futures and Options
  • Differences between Buy and Sell of Options and Understanding and Applying Golden Rules of Options for Trading
  • Options Terminology
  • Contract Specifications
  • Moneyness of an Option
  • Option Premium Breakup

Basic Options Strategy

  • View
  • Breakeven point
  • Profit and Loss
  • Payoffs

Options Premium Breakup Advance

  • Factors Affecting Option Price
  • Price Discovery
  • Put Call Parity

Introduction to Greeks

  • Option Strategies
  • Bullish Strategies
  • Bearish Strategies
  • Ratio Spread Strategies
  • Strategies for Range-bound Markets
  • Butterfly & Condor Spreads
  • Hedging

Price: Rs 35,400 All Inclusive

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