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This 12 month certification program is designed specifically for complete understanding on how to trade in Equity, both Cash and Futures, in a professional manner. The program is delivered by experienced instructors and covers the subject in-depth. The program is conducted via physical classrooms, where trainees exposed to live market training, interactive webinars and case studies to enable better immersion.

Physical classroom learning is for 6 days with the option of retaking the class whenever the trainee senses the need for it during the one year period.

The program enables trainees to stay connected with us both offline and online for one whole year.

The program is both for those trading currently without any knowledge of trading, and those wanting to begin equity trading in a professional manner.
Learn in Live Markets
The program is conducted during live market hours for a better learning experience.
Live the experience through Physical Classroom
The classrooms are equipped with state–of-the-art physical and IT infrastructure. Dedicated training computer per participant is provided for personalized learning experience.
Enjoy Unlimited Retakes
Grads can retake/repeat the physical classroom program at anytime in the span of the entire year.
Build a Trade Plan
Every business has a business plan and trading is also a business. A one-day physical Trade Plan class is a part of the program.
Complete Platform Immersion
Exhaustive hands-on training on expert use of all the features of a highly advanced trading platform EmTrade is provided to participants. Special decision making features are developed for Fin Learn Academy graduates to get-going immediately post the program.
Tuition Fee Rebate
Let your trading pay for your investment in education.
Get 100% tuition fee rebate.

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Let your trading and investing pay for your investment in education. Emkay Global offers 100% brokerage refund to the amount you invested in your education.

Finance Options
Installment facility
Weekday Class
Mon to Fri
9.00 Am to 5.00 Pm
Weekend Class
5 Saturdays
Program Schedule
  • Trading Terminology
  • Psychology of trading
  • Economic Reports
  • Risk Management
  • Types of Charts
  • Candle Stick Explained
  • EmTrade Hands On - Part 1
  • Styles Of Trading
  • Support & Resistance
  • Trend Stages
  • Impulse & Corrective
  • Trends & Time Frames
  • Multiple Time Frame Analysis
  • EmTrade Hands On - Part 2
  • Introduction to Fibonacci Studies
  • Fibonacci Retracement
  • Fib Location based on Trend
  • Fib Location based on Supp & Resistance
  • Average True Range
  • Day Trading System
  • EmTrade Hands On - Part 3
  • Futures Trading - Part 1
  • Fibonacci Time Zones
  • Fibonacci Extensions
  • Trends & Fibonacci Studies
  • Advance Candle Stick Reversal Patterns
  • Moving Averages
  • Introduction to Swing & Positional Trading
  • EmTrade Hands On - Part 4
  • Futures Trading - Part 2
  • Advanced Moving Averages
  • Indicators & Oscillators Explained
  • Positive and Negative Divergence
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Relative Strength Index
  • MACD
  • Swing & Positional Trading Plan
  • Trade Plan Day
  • Planning to Succeed
  • Define your Goals
  • Trading as a Business
  • Money Management
  • Daily Routine
  • Trading Strategies
Graduates Speak
  • Mr. Bharat Nanavati
    The Smart Trader is practical learning program for traders wanting to learn professional trading.The delivery of program is excellent both online and classroom.Exhaustive resources are also made available . Live Trading Labs is fantastic.
    Mr. Ashish Kole
    "The Smart Trader Program is different. Every concept is drilled into us, supported by multiple real-time examples. The course material makes it clear that it was designed with a lot of thought. The pace is just right. Secondly, it is supported by a very powerful and intuitive trading platform. FinLearn Academy’s Trading platform has the necessary analytical tools to assist one decide when and where to trade. This is the course I wish I had taken when I first began trading".
    Mrs. Sayli Patil
    Was a fresher in equity markets when I registered for Smart Trader program. The content from session one was great ,kept gaining confidence after each session that I can trade professionally. The resources provided are very usefull.
    Mr. Rohit Patil
    SmartTrader program enables new traders to learn the nuances of trading at their own pace with a hands-on approach and access to feature rich software. A unique program under the guidance of Hitesh that I definitely recommend to everyone interested in getting into serious trading!

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